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Wolf Full Moon In Cancer

Let your inner Goddess howl!

Today's full Wolf moon is in the watery sign of Cancer, and it's mothering energy is asking us to focus on self care and self love.  The Native Americans named it the Wolf Moon because the wolves would howl and cry in hunger under its cold, wintery glow.  At this moment in the world, so many of us are crying out in hunger for social justice, equality and moral courage!  There's a strong notion of female empowerment that is coming through with this one.  I feel a revolution is brewing to encourage women to take their power back in this imbalanced patriarchal society. Our Mother Earth is suffering and these old regime corrupt ways of raping her for oil, polluting her water, air and lands cannot continue.  The veils have been lifted and we are called to pull back all the layers and fully expose the truths. This is the only way to truly move forward.  The world needs a feminine touch now more than ever!  Women in particular should take time to nurture themselves today and to reach out to other women who need nurturing.  We are all in this together and we need to uplift one another.
This full moon asks us all to sit within ourselves and get back to our TRUE SELF, the person we were before our family and society molded us into this compromised version of whatever it is we have become.  Male or female, we are all called to take our power back.  With so much ugliness happening in the world right now, it's easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed.  Focus not on external factors we cannot control, but instead focus on the work we need to do internally.  Take time to identify where certain behaviors, patterns and dramas originated in order to face and conquer them.  Not living in our truth is no longer an option. This moon demands self help, self awareness, self evolution. What a wonderful gift this first full moon of the year brings!
On a very personal note, the artwork for this full moon has an incredible story behind it.  I have never publicly written or spoken about this before.  I was in a very abusive marriage for 8 years of my early 20's.  After I emancipated myself, which was one of the hardest things I have ever done, I somehow turned one suitcase into my own single girl empowerment apartment and started my life over.  I sat with myself in that apartment and asked myself, "why did I allow that to happen to me?"  The answer finally came: I didn't fully love myself and had very low self value.  So then the real journey began, the quest for self love and empowerment.  During that journey, I vowed that I would be there for other abused women in need.  I am an empath, and especially since I have a history of abuse, I can smell it on other women.  I ran into an old friend, a beautiful Cancer woman, about a month ago, and she announced her divorce to me. Without using any words, she told me that he had been abusive.  I could see it in the way her shoulders drooped in shame and sadness, not squared and straight like she used to hold them.  I could feel it in her weak heart chakra and her low self esteem permeated through. She had been cracked by a man who verbally broke apart her every bit of confidence and told her she was worthless to the point of almost believing it herself.  She was cracked, but not broken.  All of this flooded in to me within a few seconds of seeing her and embracing her in a hello.  Yet I said nothing.  
This friend remained on my mind for several weeks, popping into my head often. So I reached out a few days ago by messaging her on Instagram.  I told her I didn't want to be too forward but that I had a feeling she had suffered abuse in her marriage and that I would gladly be here for her if she needed to talk. I explained that after I escaped my abuser, I vowed to be there for other women who were suffering from abuse.  She wrote me back and confirmed that I was correct and she was thankful and grateful to discuss her situation with someone who has been through it.  Yesterday, as I was getting ready for work and picking out my jewelry for the day (the most important part of the process for me), I surprisingly chose a freshwater pearl necklace that I made when I was in college.  I admire pearls, but they usually get passed over for crystals and other gemstones. I let my intuition guide which stones I wear each day and my gut was pretty clear on the pearls. Later that afternoon, my friend message me that she had a dream the night before. I was in her dream wearing a freshwater pearl necklace and my presence seemed to provide a sense of peace.  I got goosebumps and messaged her that I was, oddly enough, wearing a pearl necklace and that this was a sign that we needed to get together that evening.  She agreed to come over that night.
I looked up the metaphysical meaning of pearls and they are everything that women need right now:
Pearls are associated with the ocean and moon, and therefore are extremely powerful healing gems for women.  They're known to be excellent stones for the Zodiac signs of Cancer and Gemini.  They help to connect women to their inner Goddess Energy and help enhance personal integrity.   They're especially helpful with menstrual cycles and childbirth.  Pearls align all chakras but are associated mostly with the Solar Plexus, center of power, and Crown Chakra, center of cosmic wisdom and connectivity.  Pearls offer protection and good luck, enhance faithfulness, honesty and integrity.   Pearls help to bring truth to the surface and promote loyalty to a cause.  
I decided the message was too clear and made her a necklace featuring a gorgeous faceted white freshwater pearl wire wrapped onto thick stainless steel chain.  The pearl is a token of her emancipation from her abuser as well as a healing tool towards self love and self empowerment.  The stainless steel chain serves as a reminder of what she, and all women, are made of, pure strength of heart and soul.  My friend came over and we swapped abuse stories over a bottle of wine.  It was cathartic for both of us.  Before she left, I gave her the necklace and explained why it was the perfect stone for female empowerment.  She was thrilled and grateful, and we both had a sense of peacefulness in our hearts after sharing.  
A woman's spirit is never broken, even if her heart and will are shattered, her inner Goddess will always find its way through to howl at the moon and say, "I am here to love!  To love myself, and others,  To lead by example, to rule not with a fist, but with pure heart and sound judgement!  I am woman, I am strong, you will never break my spirit!"
So tonight, I strongly encourage you to gather your pack of female wolves together, to let your inner goddesses howl at the moon like you've never howled before.  Howl for love, for social justice, for peace, for equality, for Mother Earth!  Howl for your fellow womankind, howl for mankind, howl for a better world.  Howl for each other.  Howl for hope.

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