Happy Halloween! Raven and Malachite Magic October 31, 2018 13:06

Happy Halloween!!
I created this Raven and Malachite Spirit Animal art for last week's Full Hunter Moon in Taurus / Scorpio.  I started it while on my recent trip to Kansas City and finished it on the plane ride home.  It seems so fitting to launch it today, as Raven is known to represent magic and to travel between both realms. On Halloween, the veil is the thinnest all year and Raven seems perfectly poised to transcend between both Heaven and Earth today.  
"When a Raven totem has flown into your life, it signifies that magic is at play. Raven ignites the energies of magic allowing it to become one with our intentions and will. Great changes can be achieved at this time and dreams can become a reality. The Raven will show you how to walk into the dark corners of your inner conflicts buried deep within, opening the doors to the deepest power of healing to be within our grasp."
Raven represents magic, healing, rebirth and renewal, transmutation, divination, and much more.
'Raven is assuring you of the impeding change. He brings with him the ability to bend time and space for the perfect moment at the right time. He signifies rebirth, renewal, reflection and healing. He helps the transitions and transformations move along smoothly by casting light into the darkness."
  Malachite is a great stone for both Scorpio and Taurus. Malachite is a stone of transformation and helpful when breaking old patterns. A very calming stone, it resonates with the heart and throat chakras. It inspires unconditional love and loyalty. Malachite inspires risk taking and promotes leadership. A very protective stone, it absorbs environmental pollutants and negative energy.   It helps to balance both the left and right sides of the brain.  Malachite is also one of the few stones that works to activate all 7 of the major Chakras.
I wish everyone a very safe and Happy Halloween!  
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My first Trunk Show in Portland is this Friday, on Dia de los Muertos, at Redux Boutique!  I'm making new one of a kinds just for the event.  There will be a tarot card reader, artwork, shopping, snacks and cider.  There will be a public Day of the Dead altar that everyone is welcome to contribute to as well!