March 27th New Moon in Aires March 27, 2017 13:38

This New Moon marks the beginning of the Zodiac calendar year and therefore it represents the beginning of all beginnings!  This is the best time to set your intentions for the next lunar month and even for the Zodiac year.  Check out what my favorite astrologers have to say:
New Moon Listings
Talisman of Empowerment
Talisman of Prosperity
Talisman of Transition
Kunzite Cascade Earrings
Black Ethiopian Rainbow Opan Necklace
Demantoid Garnet Studs
Shungite Shield Necklace
Crop Circle Black Diamond Earrings
Rainbow Moonstone and White Topaz Studs
Poki Cut Raw Diamond Necklace
Thank you so much to Jane Almirall for lending your beauty to this New Moon's listings!  Jane is an incredibly talented artist and one of the three owners of Oracle Fine Curiosities in the Crossroads of the KCMO art's district.  My studio is across the street from Oracle so I have gotten to know Jane from being a customer. True story, I once walked in on Jane skinning a cat in the back room of Oracle... per it's family's wishes to have him preserved and taxidermied into the afterlife, of course!  Although this was her one and only cat skinning experience to my knowledge, I get the sense that Jane has countless other intriguing stories like this tucked under her little Gemini wing.  Check out her artwork and support!
Thank you to Oracle Fine Curiosities for the opportunity to shoot this New Moon's Listings in your gorgous store!  It was truly a photographer's dream scape!  Natural curiosities like taxidermy, animal bones, crystals, plants, shells and more all lit up perfectly with natural light from the huge windows surrounding the store.  They also specialize in teaching classes and offer services like numerology reports and tarot card readings.  This truly is a unique store in the heart of the KC Crossroads Art's district.  You can find my jewelry for sale here, it's one of only two locations you can buy my work locally.  Make sure to check them out online as well as in store.
130 W. 18th St.
KCMO 64108