May 25th New Moon in Gemini Sun & Moon May 25, 2017 14:32

Happy New Moon!
Normally a time for manifesting, this new moon is more about self healing.  Here's a New Moon Healing Ritual by 
This past weekend, I had a chance to slow down and do some self healing.  My friend, Jenna, and I went to Arkansas to dig crystals, find a waterfall, camp, hike, enjoy hot springs and do the New Moon Photoshoot!  Although Jenna is not a Gemini, she is a Gemini Rising.  I am a Gemini Sun Sign, so in a way we were two Gemini's on an Arkansas adventure.  Slowing down like this and spending time in nature was exactly what I needed and it was fruitful as well!  I have an entire pot full of crystals, a refreshed soul, and a mind full of dreams of future crystal digs and adventures in nature.
During the photoshoot, a huge dragonfly landed right onto the sheer floral wrap I was wearing.  The dragonfly stayed with us for over 20 minutes, eventually becoming a beautiful living prop for our photoshoot, then quickly turning into her own photoshoot.  She allowed us to pass her back and forth, almost as if wanting to be part of our creation.  It was truly magical. I looked up Dragonfly Spirit Animal meaning immediately after the 2 mile hike back to our car and civilzation.  Dragonfly Medicine was exactly what Jenna and I needed.  I have posted more photos than usual as it's not often that I get to do a photoshoot by a waterfall, blessed by a beautiful dragonfly and a dear friend.
In preparation for the trip, I made some one of a kinds for the New Moon.  Labradorite is my favorite stone, and since my birthday is this Saturday, I wanted to make you all a little Labradorite Party.  
I orderd some Blue Lace Agate, Moss Aquamarine & Rainbow Moonstone Cabachons, all good stones for Gemini.  However, shipping from India can take forever and this time it took almost a month.  So, expect some more Gemini One of a Kind pieces to pop up on my Instagram and Etsy shop as soon as they get here.  Any day now.......
Blue Labradorite Arkansas Adventure Series
I made 5 one of a kinds for this Double Gemini New Moon.
They're listed on my Etsy shop only
Photo Credit: Jenna Nicole Hammond
Gemstones and Stainless Steel Collection
Thank you to Jenna Nicole Hammond for lending her beauty and photography skills to this Double Gemini New Moon photoshoot.  Thank you for coming on this Arkansas Adventure with me and for sharing in all the sernedipitous moments.
Photo Credit: Jenna Nicole Hammond
Photo Credit: Jenna Nicole Hammond