New Moon June 23rd June 23, 2017 09:24

Happy New Moon in Cancer!
Here's what some of my favorite astrologers have to say:
For this New Moon, I chose Moonstone as we entered Cancer on June 21st.  I love moonstone for this watery sign and made some Rainbow Moonstone and Grey Moonstone offerings.  Rainbow Moonstone stabilizes the emotions and provides a calming, soothing energy as well as heightens intuition and psychic abilities.  Grey Moonstone is known as the, "New Moon Stone", as it mimics the powers of the new moon, which represent new beginnings and potential.
I added a new Fossil item as well as some fun flirty Cloisonne Fish earrings.
Arkansas Clear Quartz Collection
I hand picked my favorite stones from my crystal dig at the Ron Coleman Mine in Jesseville, Arkansas.  This collection was so personalized as I felt such a strong connection to the stones.  I am selling this line tonight in person at a New Moon Open House with Totem Accupuncture and Glowing Massage at 8016 State Line Road, Suite 203, Leawood, KS 66208.  Whatever is left unsold, I will list as a One of a Kind in my Etsy shop.