New Moon, New Beginnings for Gigi Moon October 4, 2016 06:29

This September 30th new moon marked a new beginning for Gigi Moon!  I have been spending a lot of time working on creating balance in my personal and professional life.  I decided that I need more rhythm to create balance.  What better rhythm is there than that of the moon?  So, starting this month, I've implemented a new business plan in sync with the moon cycles.  From now on, every new moon, I'll list new products, and every full moon, I'll announce closeout sales and other discounts.  Every waxing and waning period I will be tackling a behind the scenes To Do list to help keep the rhythm going.
In addition, I'm making improvements to my website so it will be unavailable at times throughout the month.  My Etsy shop will remain open and you can stay informed on my progress via my Facebook and Instagram.  
Other Changes:
I do not have regular business hours
I am open every First Friday from 6-9pm & for open studio events
Everything I post on my Instagram is now purchasable
At this time, I am not accepting custom orders until further notice
Here's a look at a few of this Black New Moon's new listings:
The next full moon is October 16th!  Stay tuned to my Instagram, Facebook and Etsy to see what goes on sale.
Each month I will create a photo collage using birthstones and birth flowers.  October's includes:
Birthstones: Opal & Pink Tourmaline
Flowers: Marigold and Cosmos
This print is available to purchase:
Birthstone Offerings
Each month, I'll offer products in both the traditional and zodiac birthstone categories. This Opal ring is a limited edition item.  There are only 2 more available.